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Welcome to I’m A Dream Girl!!!

Our Vision is to inspire and encourage women to expand the Kingdom of God through intentional pursuit and fulfillment of their God-given dreams.

Our Mission is to provide Bible-based, high-quality Dream Girl events, literature, and additional resources to help move dreams from action plans to reality.

Our Values are Integrity, Faith, Encouragement, Learning, Collaboration and Growth

Our Founder Penne Allison RN, BSN, MSOM, NE-BC

About The Dream Girl Retreat

A Friday night/Saturday Women’s Retreat designed with you in mind. God had you on His mind before the foundation of the world.He chose you a long time ago. You were born with greatness in you. It is time to declare your clear purpose for being on earth.

It is time to write down your vision/dream and allow God to bring it to pass. The time is now to unleash the endless potential, possibilities and purposes God has given to you. All things are possible to those who believe! The Retreat will address:

  • Dream Killers
  • Our Identity in Christ
  • The Dream Giver      
  • Pregnant with Possibility
  • Writing the Vision            
  • Creating a Dream Girl Network